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Corrosion College is a hands-on short course that provides proven solutions for the prevention of industrial corrosion through classroom and hands-on experience. Grants of 1.5 CEUs are available to participants upon successful completion.

Corrosion College provides hands-on experience in understanding the process of corrosion through two days of intensive instruction conducted by professionals in the field of corrosion protection. Corrosion College helps participants explore and understand proven strategies for combating corrosion.

Course Objectives

Gain Principal Knowledge
Know the principals of corrosion and the methods available to combat it.
Learn How
Know how PVC coated conduit and fitting products are manufactured and why they are effective in serving the end-user and controlling corrosion.
Earn 1.5 CEU's (15 PDH's)
Successfully complete all assignments and receive a passing grade (70%) on the Corrosion College Final Exam.

Be Capable
Be capable of translating the data received at Corrosion College, into practical knowledge and the valid perception that you are a Corrosion Application Expert.
Develop Knowledge
Develop the beginnings of a body of Corrosion knowledge.
See the world through a different set of eyes. Learn something new from your experience.

Industries Served...

Chemical Processing Plants
Civil Engineering
Pulp & Paper Manufacturing
Waste Water Processing
Food Processing